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Written and directed by Jacques Servin, Adam Baran and Eric Rockey. Produced by Eric Rockey and Jacques Servin. Directors of Photography Oscar Frasser and Brian Dentz. Editor Eric Rockey. English language narration by Edie Falco. Spanish language narration by Lyana Fernández. Music by T. Griffin and Daron Murphy.


Hot Air

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Enabling ICE

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Hazardous to your health

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Klein + Trump =❤️❤️❤️?

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Directed by Eric Rockey. Produced by Eric Rockey, Adam Baran, and Tracie Holder. Written by Eric Rockey, Adam Baran and Jacques Servin. Motion Graphics by Chadwick Whitehead and Jen Campbell. Camera, Lights and Green Screen by Brian Dentz, Aaron Cassara, and Kelly Campbell. Edited by Richard Davis Chadwick Whitehead. Graphic Design by Isaiah King and Chadwick Whitehead. Production Design by Stacey Bramhall and Jen Campbell. Post Production supervisor Ahmed Barbary. Narration by Karen Thompson, Becca Lish, Illiam Carillo, Neela Vaswani, Oscar Frasser and Ann Heppermann.  Production Assistant by Michaela Guy.


Fake Dems are still on the ballot - don’t be fooled!

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Directed by Eric Rockey. Written by Eric Rockey and Jacques Servin. Edited by Betsy Kagen. Designed by Sally Gardner.


Health Care

For your Health (literally) on November 6, Vote

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Directed by Eric Rockey. Written by Jim Casteleiro, Peter Feld, and Eric Rockey. Graphics by Sally Gardener. Motion Graphics by Rob Bischoff.

New York Health Act Profile: Kerry Lacy


Choice is threatened in New York! Vote Democrat!

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Directed and edited by Eric Rockey. Written by Jacques Servin and Eric Rockey.



New Immigrants and Refugees Fund


Trump Appointees

Kavanaugh Lies

In partnership with The People's PAC and The Collective Agency

Written and produced by Lauren Flick, Helen Stickler, and Betsy Nagler. Editing and VFX by Camille Gregoire. Graphics by Stacey Bramhall. Resources and Distribution by Mara Gerstein and Kathryn Jones. 

Stop Sessions

Get Out the Vote

David Cross Gets Out the Vote at a Bar

Adam Richman Gets Out the Vote in Atlanta

David Cross Canvasses for Jon Ossof in Atlanta