38 Videos for anti-IDC Victors in New York State Primary Had Over 1 Million Views
Multi-candidate “Hot Air” video campaign targeted specific IDC incumbents
“Lulu Land” video featuring Edie Falco called out “Fake Democrats” in
New York State Senate

New York, NY – The Creative Resistance— an all-volunteer collective of independent media makers who produced the “Hot Air” series promoting all of the anti-IDC candidates who won in Thursday's New York State primary election as well as the anti-IDC hit viral video “LuLu Land” — congratulate the winners:

  • Alessandra Biaggi who defeated Senator Jeff Klein, founder of the IDC, in The Bronx/Westchester;

  • Jessica Ramos who defeated Senator Jose Peralta in Queens;

  • Zellnor Myrie who defeated Senator Jesse Hamilton in Brooklyn;

  • Robert Jackson who defeated Senator Marisol Alcántara in Manhattan;

  • John Liu who defeated Senator Tony Avella in Queens;

  • Rachel May who defeated Senator David Valesky in Syracuse.

A viral video sensation since its release on October 24, 2017, “Lulu Land,” narrated by Edie Falco, helped catalyze the anti-IDC movement, by explaining and shining a light on the “fake Democrats” in the New York State Senate for aligning themselves with Republicans in exchange for perks and personal power and preventing the passage of statewide progressive legislation.

This summer, as the primary campaigns heated up, The Creative Resistance produced an additional 37 videos for the six anti-IDC candidates who won their primary races on Thursday. “Hot Air,” a series of videos featuring the IDC members as car dealership balloons flip-flopping between Democrat and Republican was created for a campaign of paid Facebook ads with NoIDCNY.

Videos from The Creative Resistance join Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “The Courage to Change,” Ayanna Pressley’s “The 1 Bus,” and the videos for Virginia’s state house by The People PAC as break-through social media content from media makers outside the circle of traditional political media strategists, often for first-time candidates, including many women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and immigrants.

“Lulu Land” received 757,760 views (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

The Creative Resistance videos for:

  • Alessandra Biaggi had 72,016 views (she won by 2864 votes);

  • Jessica Ramos had 97,166 views (she won by 2160 votes);

  • Zellnor Myrie had 63,815 views (he won by 3463 votes);

  • Rachel May had 8616 views (she won by 606 votes).

This new generation of digital media throws out the old model of expensive paid TV ads and ushers in a new era of grassroots organizing and low-cost targeted digital ad campaigns that has been powering the Blue Wave. While the anti-IDC challengers were vastly outspent by IDC incumbents (sometimes by a factor of ten to one), the one area where they spent more was on digital ads. As The New York Times  reported, “Each challenger outspent his or her opponent on Facebook advertisements, sometimes by a huge margin. Ms. Biaggi and her allies spent between $14,500 and $93,800 on Facebook ads since May, while Mr. Klein and his supporters spent between $2,400 and $14,796.”

“As a volunteer collective, The Creative Resistance is proud of our role in helping to upend these corrupt fake Democrats and turning New York true blue,” said Eric Rockey, co-founder of The Creative Resistance. “The stunning victories of the IDC challengers last night are just the beginning for us to flip the Republican New York State Senate from red to blue in November. We are currently producing videos for Democratic challengers who are taking on Republican incumbents so we can bring true progressive political power to New York.”


The Creative Resistance is an all-volunteer collective of independent media makers and noise makers launched in the wake of the 2016 election to resist the Trump Agenda. Creatively.






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Video featuring Edie Falco calls out “Fake Democrats” in New York State Senate

New York, NY – The Creative Resistance, a collective of independent media makers who oppose the Trump agenda, today released the video “LuLu Land,” criticizing “fake Democrats” in the New York State Senate for aligning themselves with Republicans in exchange for perks and personal power, preventing the passage of much progressive legislation.

“Since 2011, a small group of 'Democratic' Senators, called the Independent Democratic Conference, have refused to caucus with the Democrats, handing control of the Senate to Republicans," says award-winning actor Edie Falco in the video. “They do this in exchange for what they call 'lulus': bigger salaries, nicer offices, and committee chairmanships.”

“Let's fight back,” continues Falco’s narration. “If we can raise enough awareness in these eight IDC districts, we can vote the fake Dems out, making New York a real blue State, like California—and inspiring other States of the Union to resist Trump, too.”

The “Lulu Land” video highlights for Democratic voters the real policy damage caused by IDC members questing for personal power at the expense of those who voted them in, and of vulnerable New Yorkers in general. The IDC are Jeffrey D. Klein (Bronx, Westchester), Marisol Alcantara (much of northern Manhattan), Jesse Hamilton (Crown Heights and Sunset Park), Diane Savino (northern Staten Island and southern Brooklyn), Jose Peralta (central Queens), Tony Avella (northeastern Queens), David Carlucci (parts of Rockland and Westchester Counties), and David J. Valesky (Syracuse, Madison County, and adjacent towns).

"If it weren't for these IDC quislings, New York would likely have single-payer universal healthcare, sanctuary state legislation, and a host of voting rights, rent control, fair pay, reproductive rights, anti-discrimination, and environmental laws," said Jacques Servin of the Creative Resistance.  “The IDC prevents New York from serving as the beacon of resistance it would otherwise be."

“The IDC is at the heart of the rot in Albany” said Susan Kang, a Jackson Heights resident and a member of NOIDCNY. “At a time when we are fighting the Trump Republican national agenda, we don’t need Trump Democrats allying with Republicans at the State level.”

“The IDC betrays each and every New Yorker who voted to elect a Democrat.  What’s worse, they use the GOP playbook to attempt to justify their arrangement, including blaming the mainline Democratic Conference for their formation.  They have to go, especially in light of the dangerous administration in Washington, “ said Heather Stewart, Inwood resident and member of Empire State Indivisible.

"We need a strong Democratic majority protecting us from the Trump agenda, not posers who enable the GOP to control our State senate,” said Lisa DellAquila, a resident of Inwood, and a member of True Blue NY.

“We are in crisis and the IDC doesn’t care about anything other than themselves," said Laurie Hardjowirogo of United Through Action. "We demand that Democrats align with those who elected them - not their Republican cronies.  You’re Democrats; come be Democrats.”

“The IDC is one of many things wrong in our State and our country,” said Eric Rockey of The Creative Resistance. “The Creative Resistance will continue to oppose Trump and support alternatives, and we will challenge those who play dangerous political games when the stakes are so high. We call on filmmakers, artists, and anyone who considers themselves 'creative' to join us in fighting for an America we can believe in.”

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The Creative Resistance presents “Lulu Land.” Written and directed by Jacques Servin, Adam Baran and Eric Rockey. Produced by Eric Rockey and Jacques Servin. Directors of Photography Oscar Frasser and Brian Dentz. Editor Eric Rockey. English language narration by Edie Falco. Spanish language narration by Lyana Fernández. Music by T. Griffin and Daron Murphy.  © 2017 The Creative Resistance. All rights reserved.


THE CREATIVE RESISTANCE is a New York-based group of filmmakers, graphic designers, writers, activists, organizers, and friends who create media for progressive campaigns and causes.

NOIDCNY was formed in January 2017 to organize local resistance efforts against IDC members in each of the districts.

EMPIRE STATE INDIVISIBLE works with the national Indivisible Project to defend New York against the Trump administration and those who enable its policies.

TRUE BLUE NY is part of Get Organized BK, started by NYC councilman Brad Lander. We're working to move New York left at the state & local levels. Are you tired of fake Democrats or backroom deals with Republicans preventing real progressive legislation in NY? WE ARE TOO. Connect with other citizen activists here for info on IDC, voter reform, new candidates and future races. Post articles, start discussions, and get involved!

UNITED THRU ACTION (UTA) is made up of everyday New Yorkers who are dedicated to resisting the Trump Agenda and taking our country back. Formed days after the 2016 presidential election, UTA works directly with campaigns in the Hudson Valley, Long Island and New York City through canvassing, phone banks, tabling, and fundraisers. UTA also hosts relevant speakers and compiles and distributes weekly information about upcoming resistance actions.