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Written and directed by Jacques Servin, Adam Baran and Eric Rockey. Produced by Eric Rockey and Jacques Servin. Directors of Photography Oscar Frasser and Brian Dentz. Editor Eric Rockey. English language narration by Edie Falco. Spanish language narration by Lyana Fernández. Music by T. Griffin and Daron Murphy.


Hot Air - No IDC NY

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Directed by Eric Rockey. Produced by Eric Rockey, Adam Baran, and Tracie Holder. Written by Eric Rockey, Adam Baran and Jacques Servin. Motion Graphics by Chadwick Whitehead and Jen Campbell. Camera, Lights and Green Screen by Brian Dentz, Aaron Cassara, and Kelly Campbell. Edited by Richard Davis Chadwick Whitehead. Graphic Design by Isaiah King and Chadwick Whitehead. Production Design by Stacey Bramhall and Jen Campbell. Post Production supervisor Ahmed Barbary. Narration by Karen Thompson, Becca Lish, Illiam Carillo, Neela Vaswani, Oscar Frasser and Ann Heppermann.  Production Assistant by Michaela Guy.

Philoxenia - Andrew Gounardes SD 22

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Directed and Edited by Andrea B. Scott. Directors of Photography Brian Dentz, Scott Wagner and Luz Zamora. Music: Marty Fowler. Voiceover Studio Producer Todd Chandler. Executive Produced by Sandi DuBowski and Eric Rockey.

Vote Pat Strong SD 46


Director, Producer, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor: Mark Elijah Rosenberg. Executive Producers:  Sandi DuBowski and Eric Rockey

Healthcare - Jen Metzger

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Video by Ryan Jones

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New York Is Not a True Blue State Yet

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Stand up for LGBTQ Rights


The Blue Wave


Your Vote Matters

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Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet


Vote Nov. 6

Fight Like A Girl. Vote.


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